Stand Out When You Speak

The Euro is crumbling. Governments are falling. Bureaucrats in Brussels decide what’s best for countries running deficits they can’t afford, even telling governments to quit. No wonder many Brits praise Margaret Thatcher for not joining the Euro. This despite the UK being one of only three countries actually being within the Maastricht criteria at the time (the other two? Germany and Luxembourg).

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see British politicians feel self-righteous about maintaining monetary independence and sticking to the British Pound. One of those politicians is Nigel Farage.

Mr. Farage wears many different hats: he is the leader of the UK Independent Party, a member of the European Parliament and chairman of the European Freedom and Democracy group. Mr. Farage doesn’t very much like the undemocratic way in which decisions are made in Brussels and in the video clip below he makes his views known.

He does so in a compelling way: his sentences are short, his choice of words straightforward, his analogies biting, his speech succinct. All of this peppered with the odd pause for maximum impact. A good performance delivered with passion, whether you agree with him or not.


About Case

Managing Director at Black Isle Group Asia, helping executives stand out when they speak.
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