The World’s Coolest Résumé

I have over the past few years helped quite a few people with preparing for job interviews. One of my success stories landed herself a phenomenal job at a high profile luxury goods company. Another was a student who managed to enroll himself into his university of choice.

In the process of preparing for the job interview I have helped people write résumés that communicate well. They have no clutter, focus the reader’s attention on important parts of the résumé and in general convey a message of the person being well-organized.

The résumé below is going viral on the internet. It conveys all achievements in a clear and understandable structure. The résumé achieves this clarity not with words but in a highly visual way. It is outstanding.

The author adheres to 5 rules:
1) Make it you
2) Know where to apply for a job
3) Have fun
4) Share
5) Enjoy constructive criticism

Chris Spurlock gets my vote for World’s Coolest Résumé!


About Case

Managing Director at Black Isle Group Asia, helping executives stand out when they speak.
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