Ricky Gervais at Golden Globes

The movie The King’s Speech discussed below was nominated for Best Movie at the Golden Globes. It didn’t win but Colin Firth picked up a Best Actor Globe.

The Golden Globes were hosted by Ricky Gervais, who managed to offend quite a few Hollywood people with his stand-up comedy routine. His monologues are worthwhile checking out here:

A few days after the ceremony he gets interviewed by Piers Morgan and the drama continues. For the whole interview go to this link first:


His comments were: “I like to make people laugh … but on my terms really”, “It’s not a popularity contest, I do this for me”, “You’ve got to be true to yourself” and “If [the Golden Globes] didn’t want me they shouldn’t have hired me.”

Ricky is unapolegetic about his performance and rightfully so. Too many fake communicators out there, in politics, business and entertainment. You can always tell the fakes. Glad to see someone communicate, first and foremost, himself. Ricky is unique, he knows it, and communicates that clearly.

So should we all.


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